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Industrial trolleys and handling equipment, designed for YOU – DIRECT from BRITISH MANUFACTURERS

GEORGE CLARKE is a freelance industrial engineer, specializing in minimizing time spent finding, moving and handling materials.  He offers his services to do the “leg-work” by visiting you on site – and doing whatever it takes to come up with LOW-TECH, LOW-COST SOLUTIONS.

With a background in garment manufacturing, George moved easily into the upholstery and curtain industries and gradually diversified into other areas as garment production moved overseas.  He now spends much of his time in warehousing, especially those handling the processing and storage of imported garments.

George has designed and supplied so many trolleys that he is now referred to as The Trolleyman, although nowadays he is called into companies to look at all sorts of problems.  Sometimes the client knows exactly what he wants and can supply a detailed specification.  However, usually he is called in to look at a problem and works with people on the shop floor and technical specialists in order to understand the task and design a product which is exactly right for the job.

Of course there are many catalogues around which are full of trolleys, workbenches, racking and shelving, and work aids of all sorts – but often they are not quite right for the job.  Also many catalogues are put together by middlemen who add a big markup for their service of passing your order to the manufacturer.

George invariably saves his clients money by placing work directly with manufacturers who he knows will keep costs to a minimum without jeopardizing quality.