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Industrial trolleys and handling equipment, designed for YOU – DIRECT from BRITISH MANUFACTURERS

Step 1 Find the product of your choice from this website and send details of your requirements to Trolleyman
If you cannot find exactly what you want phone Trolleyman for a chat or fax/email details of your requirements
Let Trolleyman help you design the product you need.
Step 2 Trolleyman will find a manufacturer to produce your product and ensure that your requirements are clearly understood. You will receive a written price quotation and delivery date i.e. period of time required to produce from receipt of your order.
Step 3 You place your order directly with the manufacturer.
Step 4 Trolleyman follows up your order and checks that everything is correct before delivery.
Step 5 The manufacturer will contact you to discuss delivery arrangements. If goods have not already been paid for you will be invoiced by the manufacturer who will normally require payment within 30 days of delivery.
Please note that some manufacturers may require part-payment when ordering.